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Global Webinar Series on Sustaining Resilient Transport Services in COVID-19 Pandemic: China and East Asia’s Experience

APRIL – MAY 2020 | Global

Continuity of transport and logistics services is paramount kingpin for essential supply chains in the COVID-19 outbreak. China was the first country to have dealt with the crisis and filled up this know-how gap by sharing its experience of emergency response, including policies and institutional measures by the government and operational adaptation by public and private operators to the drastic change in business environment.  The transport team in Beijing has facilitated timely dissemination of key lessons learned to countries who are grappling with complexities caused by the pandemic, through a special series of back-to-back online events in collaboration with key counterparts from China, Korea and other East Asia countries:   


  1. Ensuring Essential Transport Services during the COVID-19 Outbreak – Experience from Shenzhen and Beijing, April 8 (news release)

  2. Korean Metro Response under Pandemic Outbreak, April 22

  3. Maintaining Logistics Services during COVID-19 Outbreak – Experiences from China, May 6 (news release)

  4. World Bank-China Transport News Joint Webinar on Sustaining Transport Services under COVID-19 and Resilient Transport Development: Experience from China, May 18 (news release)

  5. Railway Operations during Pandemic Outbreak - Experience from East Asia, May 20 (news release)


This series attracted 1000+ participants online globally and reached a much broader audience with news coverage on China’s key transport news portals.  The initiative was sponsored by China-World Bank Transport Transformation and Innovation Knowledge Platform (TransFORM), and Development Corridors and Regional Integration GSG.  In the longer run, a closer assessment of China and global responses and recovery measures will enrich the transport resilience knowledge pool, and encompass future Bank interventions.