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The Statistical Bulletin for the Development of China's Transportation Industry

1   Infrastructure

1.1   Railway  

Total railway operational mileage (104 km)9.1
High speed rail operational mileage (104 km)
Railway operational mileage in the West Region (104 km)


Railway network density (km/104 km squared)

Double-track railway mileage

Double-track ratio0.41
Electricified railway mileage (104   km)

Electricification ratio0.46
1.2 Highway

Total highway mileage (104 km)400.82410.64423.75435.62446.39457.73469.63477.35
Highway density (km/ hundred km squared)41.7542.7744.1445.3846.547.6848.9249.72
Total classified highway mileage (Class I - Class IV) (104 km)330.47345.36360.96375.56390.08404.63422.65433.86
Highway mileage  (above Class II) (104 km)44.7347.3650.1952.4454.5657.4960.1262.22
National highway mileage (104 km)16.416.9417.3417.6817.9218.5335.4835.84
Provincial highway mileage (104   km)26.9830.431.2131.7932.2832.9731.3333.38
County road mileage (104 km)55.453.3653.9554.6855.255.4356.2155.07
Township road mileage (104 km)105.48106.6107.67109.05110.51111.32114.72115.77
Special highway mileage (104   km)6.776.97.377.688.038.17

Total expressway mileage (104 km)7.418.499.6210.4411.1912.3513.113.65
National expressway (104 km)5.776.366.87.087.317.969.9210.23
Total expressway laneway mileage (104 km)32.8637.5942.4646.1349.5654.8457.9560.44
Total rural road mileage (104   km)350.66356.4367.84378.48388.16398.06395.98400.93
Village road   mileage (104 km)189.77196.44206.22214.74222.45231.31225.05230.08
the share of   townships with highway 0.99970.99970.99970.99970.99980.9999
the share of   townships with paved road0.96640.97180.97430.97810.98080.9862
the share of   villages with highway0.99210.99380.99550.9970.99820.99870.99940.9998
the share of   villages with paved road0.8170.84040.86460.890.91760.94450.96690.9835
Number of   Total highway bridges (104)65.8168.9471.3473.5375.7177.9280.5383.25
Length of   Total highway bridges (104 m)3048.313349.443662.783977.84257.894592.774916.975225.62
Number of   Supergiant bridge (104)20512341268830753403389442574646
Length of   Supergiant bridge (104 m)346.98404.28468.86546.14610.54690.42753.54826.72
Number of   Giant bridge (104)4948955229617356767772979795128617891777
Length of   Giant bridge (104   km)1167.041330.051518.161704.341863.012060.852251.52424.37
Number of   Total highway tunnels73848522100221135912404140061518116229
Length of   total highway tunnels (104 m)512.26625.34805.27960.561075.671268.391403.971528.51
Super long   tunnel265326441562626744815902
Length of   Super long tunnel (104 m)113.8143.32198.48250.69276.62329.98362.27401.32
Long tunnel12181504194423032623313835203841
Length of   Long tunnel (104 m)202.08251.84330.44393.62447.54537.68604.55659.93
1.3 Waterway

1.3.1 Inland   waterway

Total Mileage   of Navigable Inland Waterway (104 km)12.4212.4612.512.5912.6312.712.7112.7
Total Mileage   of Classified Channel (104 km)
Total Mileage   of Class I Channel (km)13851392139513951341134113421546
Total Mileage   of Class II Channel (km)30083021301430433443344336813999
Total Mileage   of Class III Channel (km)48875047548557636069676070546913
Total Mileage   of Class IV Channel (km)78028291836687969301106821086210781
Total Mileage   of Class V Channel (km)81778201816086008298786274857566
Total Mileage   of Class VI Channel (km)1880618506192751919018997182771815018007
Total Mileage   of Class VII Channel (km)1822618190180231811317913178911783517348
Un-classified   Channel (104 km)
Channel   Mileage (above Class III) (km)9280946098941020110854115451207712458
Channel   Mileage (above Class V) (104 km)2.532.62.642.762.853.013.043.08
Yangtze River   navigation network (km)6406464052641226425464374648526488364857
Pearl River   navigation network (km)1598915995160911616316444164501645016463
Yellow River   navigation network (km)34773488348834883488348835333533
Heilongjiang   River navigation network (km)82118211821182118211821182118211
Beijing-Hangzhou   Canal (km)14391439143714371438143814381438
Minjiang   River navigation network (km)19731973197319731973197319731973
Huaihe River   navigation network (km)1724617264172851733817338175071750717507
1.3.2 Ports

Berths of   Total ports 3163431968318623176031705312593038827578
Berths of Sea   Ports54535532562356755834589958875830
Berths of   Inland water Ports2618126436262392608525871253602450121748
Berths of   Total ports over ten thousand tons16611762188620012110222123172366
Berths of Sea   ports over ten thousand tons13431422151716071704180718941948
Berths of   Inland water Ports over ten thousand tons318340369394406414423418
Berths of   specialized ports over ten thousand tons90394299710621114117312231254
Berths of   general bulk cargo ports over ten thousand tons299338379414441473506513
Berths of   general goods ports over ten thousand tons310322340345360371381388
1.4 Civic   Aviation

Number of   Certified Civic Aviation Airport

Number of   Regular Flight Airport

Number of   Cities connected with regular flights

Number of   Airports with Annual Turnover 1 million and above

Number of   Airports with Annual Turnover 10 million and above

Number of   Airports with Annual Turnover 100 million and above

1.5 Highway   and Waterway Traffic Volume

1.5.1   National Trunk Highway Traffic

Average daily   traffic volume of Total road network1191812330145151456415157154241609013916
Average daily   vehicle mileage of Total road network (104 veh-km)195505208852244883254737186538194440207141295361
Average   annual traffic congestion level of Total road network0.410.420.470.470.480.48

Average daily   traffic volume of national expressway1824418503221812245023551238182446826328
Average daily   vehicle mileage of national expressway (104 veh-km)10534611773614874216258097423101422109261127600
Average   annual Traffic Congestion level of national expressway0.30.310.370.370.390.39

Average daily   traffic volume of national highway92939474108451071410899111281163710242
Average daily   vehicle mileage of national highway (104 veh-km)98795100198111164111531890489289597872167764
Average   annual Traffic Congestion level of national highway0.580.570.640.630.630.64

Average Daily   Traffic Volume of Total Expressway1815518941213055209982202122334

Average Daily   vehicle Mileage of Total Expressway (104 veh-km)134587160897204717229416119894125766

Average   annual Traffic Congestion level0.290.310.350.340.360.37

1.5.2 Yangtze   River Traffic Flow

Traffic   Counting locations along Yangtze River

Average   Annual Daily Waterway Traffic (Standard vessel)

Traffic   Counting locations along Yangtze River - upper reaches


Average   Annual Daily Waterway Traffic (Standard vessel) - upper reaches

Traffic   Counting locations along Yangtze River - middle reaches


Average   Annual Daily Waterway Traffic (Standard vessel) - middle reaches

Traffic   Counting locations along Yangtze River - lower reaches


Average   Annual Daily Waterway Traffic (Standard vessel) - lower reaches

2   Transportation Equipments

2.1 Railway   Mobile Equipment

Possession of   Locomotives of National Railway (104)
Ratio of   Internal Combustion Engine Locomotives

Ratio of   Electrical Locomotives

Possession of   Passenger Coaches of National Railway (104)

Bullet Trains   (set)

Bullet Trains   (vehicle)

Possesion of   Freight Cars of National Railway (104)

2.2 Vehicles   in business operation along highways (coachs and trucks)

Total   Vehicles in business operation (104)1133.321263.751339.891504.731537.931473.121435.771450.22
Passenger   Vehicles in business operation (104)83.1384.3486.7185.2684.5883.938481.61
Number of   seats of Passenger Vehicles in business operation (104)2017.092086.662166.552170.262189.552148.582140.262099.18
Large Sized   coachs (104)24.7826.8328.729.930.6730.4930.5730.57
Number of   seats of Large Sized coachs (104)1031.791127.481222.821283.121326.241324.311332.571339.88
Freight   Vehicles (104)1050.191179.411253.191419.481453.361389.191351.771368.62
Capacity of Freight vehicles   (104 tons)5999.827261.28062.149613.9110292.4710366.510826.7811774.81
General Freight Vehicle (104)996.431116.361184.581080.751091.321011.87946.03902.9
Capacity of   General Freight Vehicle (104 tons)5223.236273.516963.295008.345241.454982.54843.834868.4
Special   Freight Vehicle (104)53.7763.0568.646.2145.5848.447.5646.25
Capacity of   Special Freight Vehicle (104tons)776.59987.691098.85514.45490.59503.09527.63499.1
2.3 Waterway   Transport Vessels

Possession of   Total Waterway Transport Vessels (104)17.8417.9217.8617.2617.216.5916.0114.49
Net loading   capacity (104 ton)18040.8621264.3222848.6224401.0325785.2227244.2926622.7125651.63
Average net   loading capacity (ton/vessel)1011.221186.351279.381414.111499.341642.16

Passenger   seats (104   passenger)100.37100.84102.51103.3103.23101.73100.2196.75
Container   capacity (104 TEU)132.44147.52157.36170.16231.87260.4191.04216.3
Power of   Vessell (104 kw)5330.445949.666389.466484.667059.857259.68

Possession of   Inland water Port Vessels (104 vessel)16.5716.5816.5215.9115.8315.2514.7213.23
Net loading   capacity of Inland water Port Vessels (104 ton)7435.868779.999381.5810215.6511274.7112494.0113360.8113149.73
Average net   loading capacity of Inland water Port Vessels (ton/vessel)449529568642712819

Passenger   seats of Inland water Port Vessels (104 passenger)82.5181.8981.6581.780.7778.2777.4472.3
Container   capacity of Inland water Port Vessels (104 TEU)12.816.0718.9824.4725.7827.0529.7232.48
Vessell Power   of Inland water Port Vessels (104 kw)2423.562771.272995.163011.443150.453278.81

Possession of   Coastal Port Vessels (104)1047310902109471102411048107211051310318
Net loading   capacity of Coastal Port Vessels (104 ton)4978.875780.476523.256818.786920.936857.996739.157044.41
Average net   loading capacity of Coastal Port Vessels (104 ton)475453025959618562646397

Passenger   seats of Coastal Port Vessels (104 passenger)15.8216.918.919.5619.8820.9120.3622.36
Container   capacity of Coastal Port Vessels (104 TEU)18.5820.3222.72280347.2253.3341.9150.17
Vessell Power   of Coastal Port Vessels (104 KW)1406.021534.391705.971736.61893.611857.66

Possession of   Oceanic Port Vessels 22132494248624572603268924092306
Net loading   capacity of Oceanic Port Vessels (104 Ton)5626.136703.866943.797366.67589.597892.296522.765457.5
Average net   loading capacity of Oceanic Port Vessels (ton/vessel)254232688027932299822915729350

Passenger   seats of Oceanic Port Vessels (104 passenger)
Container   capacity of Oceanic Port Vessels (104 TEU)101.07111.14115.66117.66158.87180.01119.42133.66
Vessell Power   of Oceanic Port Vessels (104 kw)1500.8616441688.331736.622015.782123.21

2.4 Urban   Passenger Vehicles

Total Buses   in Cities and counties (104)42.0545.3347.4950.9652.8856.1860.8665.12
Total Buses   in Cities and counties (104 standard bus)45.8249.9952.8257.359.7963.29

BRT Buses

Ratio of   Diesel Buses0.690.6710.6450.5930.5290.4510.3720.287
Ratio of   Natural gas Buses0.130.1520.1820.2430.3020.3250.3050.279
Ratio of   Gasoline Buses0.0810.0620.050.0340.0250.0170.0140.01
Ratio of   Hybrid Buses

Ratio of   Electric Buses

Cities with   Rail Transit
Rail transit   stations9771147137515491829209224683040
Rail transit   Transfer Stations78109116134151180

Number of   Rail operating rolling stock82859945126111436617300199412379128125
Number of   Rail operating rolling stock (standard)211652433030672344154177048165

Number of   Subway Rolling stock7437894711225129711569618098

Number of   Light Rail Transit Rolling stock601647124712313721434

Number of   taxies (104)122.57126.38129.97134137139.25140.4139.58
Number of   Urban Passenger Ferries11921061590422329310282264
3   Transportation Services

Total   Passenger volume (108   passenger)

Passenger   Turnover (108   passenger kilometer)

Freight   volume shipped (108   tons)

Freight   Turnover (108 ton   kilometer)

3.1 Rail   Transport

Total   Passenger Volume traveled by Railway (108 passenger)
Passenger   Turnover (108   passenger kilometer)
Passenger   Volume by National Railway (108 passenger)

Passenger   Turnover by national Railway (108 passenger kilometer)

Total Freight   Volume by Railway (108 ton)
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   kilometer)
Freight   Volume by National Railway (108 ton)

Freight   Turnover by national Railway (108 ton kilometer)

3.2 Road   Transport

Total   Passenger Volume by Road transport service (108 passenger)305.27328.62355.7185.35190.82161.91154.28145.68
Passenger   Turnover (108   passenger kilometer)15020.8116760.2518467.5511250.9412084.110742.6610228.719765.18
Average   travel Distance (km)


Total Freight   Volume by operational trucks (108 ton)244.81282.01318.85307.66333.28315334.13368.69
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   km)43389.6751374.7459534.8655738.0861016.6257955.7261080.166771.52
Average   travel Distance (km)177.24182.17186.72181.16183.08183.99

Ratio of   Towns with long distance coach service

Ratio of   Villages with long distance coach service

3.3 Urban   Transport

Total number   of Bus Lines3367235884382434173845052489055278956786
Total Length   of operating lines (104 km)63.3767.2971.4674.8981.7889.4398.12106.9
Length of   Bus-only Lanes (km)37264425.65255.85890.66897.38569.19777.810914.5
Length of BRT   Lines (km)

Number of New   Bus Lines


Number of   Adjusted Bus Lines


Number of   Canceled Bus Lines


Numbr of Rail   transit Lines5358698192105124149
Total length   of Rail transit Lines (km)14711699205824082816.13195.43727.54484.2
Numbr of   Subway Lines424655677685103124
Total length   of Subway Lines (km)121714031699205024182722.73269.73976.9
Numbr of Light   Rail Transit Lines559991096
Total length   of Light Rail Transit Lines (km)169172291290303.5341.2298.8203
Numbr of City   Ferry Lines53341722214312612311292
Total length   of City Ferry Lines (km)41934434846575497.6568.9505434.9
Total   Passenger Volume by Urban Transport (108)1073.981165.551228.441283.351315.661303.171285.151272.15
Passenger by   Buses (108)670.12715.79749.8771.17781.88765.4745.35722.87
Passenger by   BRT (108)

Total Bus   Operation Length (108   km)317.86331.73346.82348.96346.69352.33358.32355.2
Passenger by   Rail transit (108   passenger)55.6871.3487.29109.19126.66140.01161.51183.05
Total Rail   Transit Operation Length (108 cart-km)1.392.392.812.743.273.744.335.07
Passenger by   Taxi (108   passenger)346.28376.71390.03401.94406.06396.74377.35365.4
Total Taxi   Operating Running Distance (108 km)1488.851519.691566.281593.211618.111602.421552.5
Average   Occupancy of taxi (passenger/vehicle)1.951.981.961.971.961.94

Empty running   Ratio of taxi0.3050.3080.2970.3090.3120.32

Passenger by   Ferry (108   passenger)1.91.721.311.
3.4 Waterway   Transportation

Total   Waterway Passenger Volume (108 passenger)2.242.462.582.352.632.712.722.83
Passenger   Turnover (108   passenger km)72.2774.5377.4868.3374.3473.0872.3377.66
Average   Travel Distance (km)


Total   Waterway Freight Volume (108 ton)37.8942.645.8755.9859.8361.3663.8266.78
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   km)68427.5375423.8481707.5879435.6592774.5691772.4597338.898611.25
Average   Travel Distance (km)1805.721770.651781.271419.041550.681495.72

Total Inland   Waterway Freight Volume (108 ton)18.8621.0323.0232.3933.4334.5935.7237.05
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   km)5535.746564.887638.4211514.1412784.913312.4114091.6814948.68
Total Coastal   Waterway Freight Volume (108 ton)13.2315.2216.2716.4718.9219.320.1322.13
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   km)16892.6319503.5620657.0619216.1424054.5924223.9425172.5128578.71
Total Oceanic   Waterway Freight Volume (108 ton)5.816.356.587.127.477.477.987.6
Freight   Turnover (108 ton   km)45999.1549355.453412.148705.3755935.0654236.0958074.6255083.86
Total   Mainland-Taiwan Waterway Passenger Volume (104 passenger)

Freight   Volume (104 tons)

Container   Volume (104 TEU)

3.5 Ports   Production

Total Freight   Throughput of Ports (108 ton)89.32100.41107.76117.67124.52127.5132.01140.07
Freight   Throughput of Sea Ports (108 ton)56.4563.668.875.6180.3381.4784.5590.57
Freight   Throughput of Inland water Ports (108 ton)32.8836.8138.9642.0644.1946.0347.4649.5
Passenger   Throughput of Sea Ports (108 passenger)1.771.941.941.851.831.851.851.85
Passenger   Throughput of Coastal Ports (108 passenger)0.730.80.790.780.810.820.820.87
Passenger   Throughput of Inland water Ports (108 passenger)
Total   visitors from International Cruises (108 passenger)

Foreign trade   freight Throughput of Ports (108 ton)25.0127.8630.5633.635.936.6438.5140.93
Foreign trade   freight Throughput of Coastal Ports (108 ton)22.8825.4427.8630.5732.6733.0134.5336.55
Foreign trade   freight Throughput of Inland water Ports (108 ton)2.132.422.713.033.233.633.984.38
Total   Container Throughput of Ports (108 TEU)1.461.641.771.
Container   Throughput of Sea Ports (108 TEU)1.311.461.581.71.821.891.962.11
Container   Throughput of Inland water Ports (108 TEU)14681736195020532066224924152739
Total Liquid   Bulk Throughput of Ports (108 ton)8.549.119.069.489.9710.81

Total Dry   Bulk Throughput of Ports (108 ton)51.5358.5562.9169.172.4673.61

Total   Groceries Throughput of Ports (108 ton)9.5410.1810.6411.6712.5212.42

Total   Container Throughput of Ports (108 ton)15.3217.7519.8121.8523.4924.55

Total Roll on   and Roll off Vehicle Throughput of Ports (108 ton)4.394.835.335.576.096.11

Total Freight   Throughput of Principal Ports (108 ton)81.0291.1897.75106.49111.88114.64118.89126.72
Throughput of   Coal and related products (108 ton)16.4619.4319.9621.7321.8920.7221.5123.34
Throughput of   Oil, Gas and related products (108 ton)7.127.487.387.587.868.549.310.02
Throughput of   Metal Minerals (108   ton)12.6313.851516.717.9718.2619.1320.28
3.6 Civil   Aviation

Total   Passenger Volume by Air  (108 passenger)
Passenger   Turnover  (108 passenger km)

Passenger   Volume by Domestic Flight  (108 passenger count)

Passenger   Volume by Flight to Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan  (108 passenger count)

Passenger   Volume by International Flight  (108 passenger)

Post and   Freight Volume  (104 ton)

Post and   Freight Turnover (108   ton km)

Passenger   Throughput by Civil Airports (108 passenger count)

Post and   Freight Throughput (104 ton)

3.7 Posts   Service

Total   Business Volume of Posts Industries (108 Yuan)

Letter   Business Volume of General Posts Service (108

Parcel   Business Volume (108)

Newspaper   Business Volume (108

Magazine   Business Volume (108

Currency   Exchange Business Volume (108 transaction)
Express   Delivery Business Volume (108

Revenues of   Express Delivery Enterprises  (108 Yuan)

Ratio of   Express Delivery Business over Total Posts Business

Number of   Posts Service Lines (104)
Distance of   Posts Service Lines (104 km)

Number of   Delivery Lines in Villages (104)
Distance of   Delivery Lines in Villages (104 km)

Number of   Delivery Lines in Cities (104)
Distance of   Delivery Lines in Cities (104 km)

4 Investment   in Fixed Asset 

Total   Investment in Railway, Highway and Waterway Fixed Asset  (108 Yuan)13212.7814464.2114512.4922190.6725259.512665927902.6331151.16
Annual Growth   Rate
Ratio of   Investment in Railway, Highway and Waterway over Whole Society Fixed Asset0.04750.0470.0390.050.0490.047

4.1 Railway   Construction

Investment in   Railway Fixed Asset  (108 Yuan)

Distance of   Invested New Lines (km)

Distance of   High Speed Rail (km)

4.2 Highway   Construction

Investment in   Highway Construction (108 Yuan)11482.2812596.3612713.9513692.215460.9416513.317975.8121253.33
Investment in   Expressway Construction (108 Yuan)6862.27424.147238.37297.767818.127949.978235.329257.86
Investment in   National Highway Construction (108 Yuan)

Investment in   Rural Road Construction (108 Yuan)1923.822010.132145.022494.833030.993227.273659.24731.33
Distance of   Newly built and Reconstructed Rural Roads (104 km)
Investment in   Highway in the 505 Poverty Counties (108 Yuan)


4.3 Waterway   Construction

Investment in   Inland and Coastal Waterway Construction (108 Yuan)1171.411404.881493.821528.461459.981457.171417.371238.88
Investment in   Inland waterway construction (108 Yuan)334.53397.89489.68545.97508.12546.54552.15569.39
Number of   Berths of newly built and reconstructed Inland waterway Ports325209251164253161173180
Newly built   Turnover Capacity (104 ton)97678418120259271162165079133356597
Newly built   Turnover Capacity over Ten Thousand Tons (104 ton)3827398652504316309429813989820
Total Newly   built and improved Inland Channel Disance (km)9248436868662000932750590.38
Investment in   Coastal Waterway Construction (108 Yuan)836.871006.991004.14982.49951.86910.63865.23669.49
Number of   Berths of newly built and reconstructed Coastal Ports142440135125170130171107
Newly-added   Throughput Capacity (104 ton)2139324585324013059736269420262248719581
Newly-added   Throughput Capacity of large Berths (over Ten Thousand Tons) (104 ton)1909422714306832716333123303812101918153
Investment in   Waterway Construction in the 505 Poverty Counties (108 Yuan)


Investment in   Highway and Waterway Supporting System and other (108 Yuan)

5 Safety

Extraordinarily   big and Major Accidents00010000
Number of   Death and Missing Persons of Extraordinary and major accidents0001000

Number of   Deaths from Railway Traffic Accident

Total number   of Waterway Vessel Accidents331298270262260212.5196196
Number of   Death and Missing329291277265247222203190
Number of   Shipwreck195175165142141968280
Direct   Economic Loss (108   yuan)

Total Number   of Search and Rescue Operations in Ocean221821771954216420141884

Number of   Coordinated Boats809586007316750774776619

Number of   Coordinated Aircrafts345402352386297318

Number of   Endangered Vessels within Country's Responsible Area234821501863212918421586

Number of   Saved Vessels within Country's Responsible Area186517211508174814841246

Number of   Endangered People within Country's Responsible Area245131935216957213791592614698

Number of   Saved People within Country's Responsible Area235551871116392206921538713727

Total number   of Highway and Waterway Traffic Accidents5270415645353944
Number of   Deaths97120998982496766
Number of   Major Accidents with deaths between 3 to 9115105113

Number of   Deaths42584114215

Number of   Extraordinarily big Accidents with deaths over 10 001100

Number of   Deaths00201100

Number of   Road Traffic Accidents219521210812204196198394196812

Number of   Deaths from Road Traffic Accidents6522562387599975853958523

6 Energy   Consumption and Environmental Protection

6.1 Energy   Consumption

National   Energy Consumption in terms of Standard Coal Equivalent (104 ton)

Comprehensive   Energy Consumption for Unit Transportation (ton standard coal/million ton km)

COD Emission   in National Railway Emission (ton)

SO2 Emission   (ton)

Number of   Highway and Waterway Companies under Monitoring

Fuel   Consumption per ten thousand person-trips for Buses in Monitored bus   companies (ton standard coal)
Fuel   Consumption per Hundred Kilometers for Buses (kg standard coal)

Fuel   Consumption per thousand people-km for Coachs (kg standard coal)

Fuel   Consumption per Hundred Kilometers for Coachs (kg standard coal)

Fuel   Consumption per Hundred Ton-km for Freight Trucking Company (kg standard   coal)

Fuel   Consumption per Thousand Ton-nmi for Coastal and Oceanic Transport Company   (kg standard coal)
Fuel   Consumption per ten thousand Tons for Coastal Company (ton standard coal)
6.2   Investment into Highway and Waterway Environmental Protection

Total   Investment into Highway and Waterway Environmental Protection (108 Yuan)

Total   Investment into Highway Environmental Protection (108 Yuan)

Ratio of   Ecological Protection

Ratio of   Pollution Prevention
Total   Investment into Waterway Environmental Protection (108 Yuan)

Ratio of   Ecological Protection

Ratio of   Pollution Prevention

Total   Investment into Port Environmental Protection (108 Yuan)


Ratio of   Ecological Protection

Ratio of   Pollution Prevention


7 Technology   and Talents Building 

Investment   into R&D in Waterway and Highway (108 Yuan)
Number of   Industry Key Laboratories4545545461505052
Number of   Research Development Centers1122152426181848

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