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China EV100 Forum 2020

JAN 11-13, 2020 | Global

China EV100 Forum, a national transport think tank that aims at greening China’s transport sector, held its 5th annual event in Beijing in Jan 2020.  The Forum provides a platform for policy makers, entrepreneurs and researchers to promote convergence and innovation across disciplines of transport, energy, urban planning and manufacturing. The focus of this year’s event was market trends, policy transformation, and innovation of the automotive industry towards decarbonizing, electrification, networking and car-sharing.  


The World Bank was invited to the session of “Promoting Global Policy Synergy and Deepening Industrial Cooperation”.  In addressing the Forum among a panel of industry leaders, Binyam Reja (Practice Manager, IEAT2) named five dimensions where harmonization of med- and long-term industry policies and business strategies would make a difference to the industry – standardization, R&D, financial incentives, global public good perspective and knowledge transfer between countries.  To contribute to this transformation, the World Bank Transport team is developing a practical guide to global policy makers and sector players based on a comprehensive analysis of China’s e-mobility eco-system and development experience. China EV100 is a key partner of this study and a co-author of the practical guide.