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Big Talks:Observations of 40 Years of China's Transport Development

Huang Zhendong: Port interconnectivity to bring prosperity

Huang, who had worked in the port industry for 22 years, regarded the project as a sign of the ongoing modernization of ports unseen before in this country, and also an important embodiment of China’s ...

Jiang Qian: 40 years of water transport

Jiang Qian, former chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, attributed the rapid growth in shipping to successful planning and innovation to support national development strategy and follow the in ...

Yang Shengfu: learning from World Bank to build China’s road network

“We’ve achieved all our goals: the construction was in high quality; engineers have learned advanced technologies through working with the World Bank, and a scientific management model has been built ...

Graham Smith: High-speed passenger ideal for middle-income countries

Graham Smith is a transport economist. During his three decades in the World Bank he has worked in all regions as well as the center, ending as transport sector coordinator in China.

Asif Faiz: How China Built its Expressway Network

Asif Faiz is a former World Bank Highways Adviser. He talks about his experience helping China justify building expressways in Henan when the traffic volume was still low in early 1990s.

Gerald Ollivier: High-speed railway brings mobility in China

Gerald Ollivier is a Lead Infrastructure Specialist for the World Bank's East Asia and the Pacific region.China’s high-speed rail started with a 113-km demonstration line built for Beijing Olympics.

Qian Yongchang:“Three-Major Plan” Developed in a Long-term Manners

Blue banners with “New Maritime Age, New Silk Road” flutter in the wind on sides of some main roads in Shanghai, advocating the Maritime Day of China 2018.

Wang Zhanyi:The implementation of major policies facilitates highway

Wang clearly described the forty-year of dramatic changes with groups of figures. “Compared with 1978, the highway mileage has increased from 890,000 kilometers to 4.77 million kilometers;

Lin Zuyi:A pioneer of reform and innovation in China’s water transport

As the first captain fostered by the People’s Republic of China, Lin Zuyi has promoted and witnessed many “firsts” in the reform and opening up of China’s water transport.