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Urban air traffic opened for self-driving passenger aircraft in China's Shenzhen

SHENZHEN, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- An urban air traffic center for self-driving passenger aircraft opened in China's southern metropolis of Shenzhen and started urban air traffic business on Tuesday.

The urban air traffic demonstration center, located in Bao'an District, includes an apron, a hangar, as well as its command and dispatch center on 4,500 square meters of land.

It supports low-altitude urban air mobility (UAM) business, which is likely to expand in the future to include UAM travel for sightseeing, science and technology projects and science popularization education.

Shenzhen, home of China's leading drone manufacturer DJI, has strived to promote the development of low-altitude UAM economy. The city authority intends to lead the country in developing a convenient and efficient low-altitude infrastructure system for both passenger and cargo transport, as well as low-altitude air tour services.