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Nanning Caiyong Comprehensive Renovation and Exploitation PPP Project


Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China


Nanning Greening Project Management Office


PPP; comprehensive renovation; greening project; infrastructure


March 2017


The project deals with bank renovation, greening and bank protection of two different river sections in Nanning. With an estimated investment of 874 million yuan, the total project covers 24.1 kilometers and an area of 249 hectares. The construction is expected to last for about one year from June 2017 to June 2018 while the operation period will continue until 2048.

Located near Sanjiangkou, the upper reaches of the Yong River, this project attaches great importance to sustainable development. It takes the Yong River as the main axis and builds a surrounding urban waterfront area which integrates flood prevention, ecology, landscape, and tourism. The project also aims to provide a waterfront landscape and leisure area featuring national and local culture, thereby creating a new urban space for local communities.

The project adopts an operation mode of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer). The Nanning Municipal Government authorizes the Nanning Greening Project Management Office as the implementing agency, which selects outstanding social investors according to the open bidding process. Nanning Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd., the government-designated platform company signed the Project Companies' Shareholders Agreement with the successful bidder. The two parties established a joint venture project company in Nanning with the equity ratio of 30:70. The Nanning Municipal Government signed the PPP Contract with the project company to make daily supervision on the project, pay usability service fees and operation maintenance service fees to the project company.


The project from Laokou hub to Tuozhou Bridge has a riverbank of 13.5 km and covers an area of 191.9 hectares. The total investment is 581.6 million yuan, including 359.2 million for engineering construction, 179.3 million for other engineering purposes and 43 million yuan for reserve.

The project from Pumiao Bridge to Yongning hub has a riverbank of about 10.6 km and covers an area of 57.13 hectares, in which the narrowest width is 4.47 meters, and the widest is 220 meters. The total investment is 292.3 million yuan, including 197.7 million for engineering construction, 68 million for other engineering purposes and the 26.6 million yuan for reserve.


Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.



This project applies the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model and pays the annual fees through the government’s purchase of services, which creates a win-win situation for social capital and the government.