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Anji Lingfeng Tourist Resort PPP Program


Anji, Zhejiang Province, China


Anji Lingfeng Tourism Resort Management Committee


PPP, tourist attraction, ecological and environmental protection


December 2015


The project is a combination of multiple programs, including the construction of riverway and central lake areas, southern part of the west bank of Caoxi Bridge (from Mozhu Bridge to Yunhong West Bridge), Fuyu Road, Fuyu Road (Zaoyuan-Yunhong Road Section), Fuyu Road Underground Passage, Lingfeng Street Water Outlet Canal, Lingfeng Subdistrict Flood Drainage Channel Inlet Section, Anfu Road Construction Project, Second Road, Fuyu Lunan extended street lighting and others.

The total investment is about 370 million yuan, including 320 million in construction costs and 50 million in land acquisition and relocation costs (the remaining land acquisition and demolition fees are raised by the Lingfeng Management Committee). This total investment is determined according to the PPP contract.

As for the overall operation mode of this project, Anji County Government first authorizes Anji Lingfeng Tourism Resort Management Committee as the project sponsor and implementation agency to select social capital through open bidding. The designated government shareholder (Zhejiang Anji Xixi Ecological Park Development Co., Ltd.) and the selected social capital jointly fund and establish a project company.

The Lingfeng Management Committee then signed a PPP project contract with the project company and authorized it to take charge of the investment, financing, construction, operation, maintenance, and handover of projects such as the second phase of the ecological management of Caoxi. After the operation is finished, the project company will hand over the project assets to the agency designated by the Anji County Government.


The total investment is about 370 million yuan, including 320 million in construction costs and some 50 million in the previous land acquisition and relocation costs. The total construction period is estimated at two years, with each project estimated at one to two years.


Shanghai Zhongqian Investment and Consultation Co. Ltd.


Up until now, the preliminary design and construction drawing have been completed, and the construction drawing budget is under preparation.


The project is operated under the construction-operation-transfer (BOT) mode. It is a new investment and financing model with the concept of “benefit sharing and risk sharing,” which maximize the overall performance and creates a win-win situation for both government departments and social capital.