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New middle-to-low speed maglev train completes static commissioning

BEIJING -- A new-generation middle-to-low-speed maglev train has completed its static commissioning and started running tests, China Science Daily reported Wednesday.

The train with a maximum speed of 120 km per hour is tailored for tourism purposes.

According to Wang Yonggang, an expert with CRRC, China's leading supplier of rail transit equipment, middle-to-low speed maglev trains are suitable for intracity public transport of medium capacity, while the mid-speed ones running between 160 and 250 km per hour can be used for intercity and outskirt transport.

High-speed maglev trains faster than 500 km per hour are usually meant for long distance and large capacity service.

The new maglev train is powered by a direct linear motor. It is designed to have a short turning radius and high climbing ability, said the newspaper. It also has advantages of being safe, energy efficient and having low noise.

The train is independently developed by the CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd.

(China Daily)