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China resort island Hainan requires new buildings to install car-charging facilities

China's Hainan Province has required all newly built residential buildings to set up or reserve spaces for installing charging facilities for electric cars.

All the parking lots in new residential buildings and at least a quarter of the lots in new commercial buildings should reserve space for or be equipped with charging facilities, according to a provincial regulation.

In other public buildings, the ratio should be no less than 15 percent. The province has set up an information management system for such facilities, according to the regulation.

The move is in line with a broader push for green car use in the island province.

In March, Hainan required all government vehicles, except cars providing special services, to use clean energy by 2028. The province had previously announced the ban of oil-fueled automobile sales throughout the province by 2030.

Hainan vowed to put in place 940,000 charging stations by 2030 to meet the rising demand for new-energy vehicles.