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More freight trains travel between Chongqing, Europe

<span style="font-family: 微软雅黑, "Microsoft YaHei";">More freight trains travel between Chongqing, Europe -</span>

The number of trains traveling from Europe back to Chongqing reached 728, surpassing the number of outbound trains for the first time, according to the company.

Chongqing launched more cargo train routes last year, connecting the city with Belarus, Vietnam and Iran, said Qi Dan, general manager of the company.

Currently, the outbound train reaches over 30 European countries, and the goods brought back can be transferred to other Chinese cities and Southeast Asia, Qi said.

In May 2011, a rail route was opened between Chongqing and Duisburg in Germany, marking the start of the China-Europe cargo train service.

The varieties of goods transported via the trains have expanded to electronic products, cars, mechanical products, coffee beans and clothes, Qi added.