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Conference on China, Russia and Mongolia Economic Corridors

JUN 2019 | Regional

The conference was organized by the Gov’t of Mongolia and the World Bank, with the aim to share international good practices on corridor operation and preliminary results of the Mongolia InfraSAP.  The event was participated by over 500 people from public and private sectors. Andrei Mikhnev, World Bank Country Manager in Mongolia, delivered a keynote speech and Bank’s InfraSAP team led by Bernard Aritua made technical presentations. Based on the conference discussions, the World Bank transport team will solicit inputs to finalize the InfraSAP concept note, and kick off dialogue on infrastructure development in Mongolia and role to play by the Bank. 


With the InfraSAP, the Bank aims to help Mongolia unlock the potentials of the key corridors which are the vehicles for more diversified economic activities.  It will start from establishing an evidence-based framework for developing domestic infrastructure across Transport, Energy and ICT sectors, which are necessary for the economic corridors.  Aside from physical infrastructure, the initiative will also support assessment of policy and institutional aspects of corridor development.